About Us
Exceptional Skin is world wide online medical equipment marketplace. We provide an open trading medium where supply and demand determines the value of items sold. Our company is committed to the highest level of honesty, integrity and quality regarding every item traded.
Corporate Governance--Board of Directors
James Smith, MD, FACS, MRCP
Mary Jones, MD, FACS
Nancy Thompson, MD
Executive Team
Darryl Louis
Founder and CEO
Darryl Louis founded Exceptionalskin.com in order to provide a state-of-the-art medium through which those in the medical field could confidently and equitably buy and sell their medical equipment and supplies in a timely manner. Darryl passionately believes that integrity and honesty must always remain at the forefront of every trade completed at Exceptional Skin. Not only does he believe this to be most important in his company's interactions, but this is the way he interacts with his team as well. He is such an inspiration and enjoys sharing and teaching. He is never too busy to mentor his team and always does so with respect, humility, and a sense of humor. He is an excellent leader and an honest business man. To contact Darryl, please use our contact form.
Ay Sao
Purchasing Manager
Ay is charismatic and energetic, making him perfect as our purchasing manager. He is a loyal and serious worker and loves his job and helping others. He is a great asset to our management team.
Kevin Teng
Chief Operating Officer
Kevin is the man! He handles our sales and he is our CEO's right hand guy and there ain't no mountain high enough for this gentleman. When Kevin has an ambition or objective, he does absolutely everything it takes to achieve his goal. He takes everyone's best interest to heart and you can always count on him to get the job done. We are so proud to have him on our team.
Listings Support Team
Danniele Hall
CLO Chief Listings Officer
Danniele is the greatest CLO ever! From handling the technical side of our posting process to providing assistance and guidance to our patrons, Danniele is there. Should any problems arise, she will not give up until they are solved. She loves to be a part of this team and we are glad to have her.
Operations Team
Danniele Hall
COO Chief Operations Officer
Not only does she handle the user and customer side of our company and website, Danniele also helps maintain our admin and technical side as well. It is her priority to ascertain that our state of the art technology functions properly and is also user friendly, and her ODC and our technology team are the perfect pair. We are glad to have her on board!
Marisol Cuadras
Purchasing & Sales Manager
Marisol is our Purchasing and Sales Manager. Ever day she does a fantastic and meticulous job at keeping our office and operations in order. Marisol takes great care of all of our valued patrons to ensure that all transactions run smoothly and that everyone's needs are met to the fullest. We are so happy to have Marisol on our team!
Technology Team
Wil Ortiz
CTO Chief Technology Officer
The Artist behind the scenes..the guy who brings dreams of particular applications and functions--to reality! Wil works longer and harder than most programmers out there. When asked if a particular application or function is possible on Exceptional Skin--Wil always says: 'In programming, anything is possible!' He never gives up and embraces any challenge that comes his way. Wil loves to learn. This guy is so talented and amazing; we are so lucky to have him be a part of our company!
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